The  E-poles are individually galvanized vineyard poles made of steel with inside hooks. The poles are galvanized by a hot-dip processing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461, so as to ensure protection against corrosion (pre-galvanized material is also possible).

The newly developed hooks are the great advantage of E-poles:

• They protect against any unintentional dislocations of the wire – even on hillsides or steep slopes – whilst facilitating easy removal of the wire, for example for the fixing of vines.

• A better stability of the vineyard poles is achieved for the identical material thickness by dint of the hooks’ rectangular shape and the low amount of blankings for the inside hooks.

• By dint of its special shape, it is nearly impossible to knock down or bend the hook.

• We recommend using vineyard wire of up to max. 2.2 mm for this vineyard pole.

The E-pole is produced in two overall widths (E55/E60) and in a material thickness of 1.6 mm.