P7E Profile

Product info

Modern vineyard labor is becoming increasingly automated, so the modern trellis needs to be flexible and resistant. The wires can be installed to be fixed or movable with the accessories that are specially developed for the P7E.

The 75 mm width and material thicknesses of up to 2.65 mm gives the P7E robust stability.

- Holes in the back for tensioning wires
- Holes at ground level for the base plate
- base plate can be attached using a simple plug system
- Hook brackets for chains can be attached (see accessories)
- Available in four thicknesses:
  · for rows up to 80m row length use 1.65 mm thickness
  · over 80m row length use 2.15 mm thickness
    in HDG
  · over 150m row length use 2.65 mm thickness

. Please note: end posts must always be approx. 4" - 7" inch deeper than the first or the last row post.

Our end posts are available in 2 different types:
- Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
- Strip Galvanized (SG)

Technical details

Depth table P7E

Length (inch) Depth (inch)
96 28
108 35
120 37
Fixed wire area P5M Profile
Profil P5M Profile
Fixed wire area P5M Profile