These Terms of Use have been prepared for use based on the draft site reviewed, which presume a static informational website without any ecommerce store, user registration or accounts, charge for use of the site, forums, social networks, user-generated content, etc. which would involve further commercial, IP rights, and/or privacy/security terms. Also, some industries have specific rules or regulations (e.g., privacy for healthcare, privacy for child-directed websites, geographical sales limitations for alcohol websites, age-restricted access for certain sorts of content, etc.), so if there are any known relevant regulatory systems applying to PA Trellising, please let us know to consider if they would warrant reference in the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use will need to have a couple of bracketed matters inserted, including date last modified at the top, and a contact email address at the bottom.

These Terms of Use presumably will be linked from the main page of the website, and the link should be placed conspicuously so that users do not need to scroll down to see the link. Adjacent to the link, it is recommended to prominently provide notice that the website is governed by the linked Terms of Use, use of the website constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use, and users who do not agree to the Terms of Use must not access or use the website.