We hot dip galvanize our posts in-house with  state-of-the-art processes that provide the highest quality with long-lasting corrosion protection without the need for special maintenance.

Facts About Galvanization Processes and Quality

Galvanization has two different methods to protect the steel against corrosion by using zinc. One is Hot Dip Galvanization (HDG) and the other is continuous Strip Galvanization (SG).

Hot Dip Galvanizing (with the industry standard DIN EN ISO 1461) is the highest quality galvanizing process. After being formed from black steel the posts are submerged into liquid zinc. This process ensures that all surfaces of the post, including all hooks, holes, and cuts are coated equally by the zinc. With HDG, the average zinc coating is 45 µm but is often measured between 60 µm and 80 µm.

This galvanized surface is weather-resistant for many years and guarantees durability for more than a generation.

Due to the additional labor and a thicker zinc layer, the cost of HDG posts are around 20% to 30% higher than that of strip galvanized posts.

For the strip galvanizing process (with the industry standard DIN EN 10346), a liquid zinc coating is continuously applied to the steel sheets in specialty plants. This galvanized steel has a zinc coating with an average thickness of 20 µm but is often measured between 25 µm and 30 µm. Posts with this process are less expensive than those made using the HDG process, but are also less durable over time.

If we consider that the average useful lifespan of a vineyard is between 25 to 35 years, it is important to consider the cost-benefit factor of galvanization methods for posts over that time. We recommend that you consider your site soil drainage and pH, weather, and other factors which may have an impact on the life span of the galvanization. For example, galvanization will last longer in a dry climate than in a wet climate.

When comparing prices from different suppliers, pay special attention to the name of the galvanization process used.  The term “Hot Dip Galvanized” is often used to describe material which is actually strip galvanized. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we refer to specific industry protocols, as in our “HDG according to DIN EN ISO 1461” or “strip galvanized according to DIN EN 10346”.